Verband ehemaliger Weihenstephaner e.V. elects Dr. Martin Zarnkow to the Board of Directors

The Verband ehemaliger Weihenstephaner (VeW) e.V., the alumni association of the brewing students of the Weihenstephan University of Applied Sciences Triesdorf and the Technical University of Munich elected Dr. Martin Zarnkow to the board. He is the representative of both universities with the euphonious name "Personality from Weihenstephan". Other board members are: Dr. Frank Braun (1st Chairman), Dr. Michael Eberhardt (2nd Chairman), Dr. Christina Schönberger (Treasurer) and Dr. Stefan Hanke (Secretary). The association has about 2100 members worldwide. It is probably one of the largest alumni associations of any field of study. And the fact that it accepts graduates from two educational institutions also makes it unique. The board is elected for 4 years.

MEBAK e.V. warmly congratulates its chairman Dr. Martin Zarnkow on this new, exciting task!