MEBAK® Guidelines Brewhouse Evaluation

The MEBAK Brewhouse Specifications Guideline is based on the DIN/ISO 8777 standard. It is intended to provide breweries and suppliers with a key reference for evaluating the performance of new or modified brewhouse equipment. Though the original DIN standard was drafted and published many years ago, it has recently been updated. Once this was complete, MEBAK immediately began the process of reviewing its own guideline on evaluating brewhouse performance, revising it to reflect the content in the new DIN standard. In addition to the DIN standard, the MEBAK guideline provides more detailed information and explanations about the essential aspects of assessing brewhouse performance. The analytical methods required for evaluating equipment are included where necessary. The creation and revision of this compact guideline was only possible through the dedication of numerous recognized experts in the field, all working on a voluntary basis. MEBAK would like to thank the following members for their assistance in revising this guideline: Prof. Dr. Fritz Jacob (head of the working group), Dipl.- Ing. Peter Gattermeyer, Dipl.-Ing. Marcus Jentsch, Prof. Dr. Frank-Jürgen Methner, Dr. Roland Pahl, Dr. Gerold Reil, Dr. Frithjof Thiele, Dipl.-Brm. Hubert Walter and Dr. Martin Zarnkow. Furthermore, MEBAK would like to thank Dr. Gerd Bender and Sabine Bender for editing and preparing the text for publication.

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