The Founding of MEBAK®

At the 14th assembly of DBAK (German Commission for Brewing Analysis) on April 6th 1971, the decision was made to rename the organization MEBAK (Central European Commission for Brewing Analysis).

The first MEBAK assembly took place on November 19th 1971 in the “Old Library” at the VLB (Versuchs- und Lehranstalt für Brauereien) in Berlin.

The participating institutions, aside from the VLB, included the Wissenschaftliche Station für Brauerei in Munich, the Versuchsanstalt für Bierbrauerei der Bayerischen Landesgewerbeanstalt in Nuremberg, the Staatliche Brautechnische Prüf- und Versuchsanstalt at Weihenstephan, the Landesanstalt für landwirtschaftliches Gewerbe at the University of Hohenheim, the Versuchs- und Untersuchungsstation für die Gärungsindustrie in Mühlheim, the Lehrstuhl für Chemisch-Technische Analyse Weihenstephan (TUM), the Versuchsstation Schweizerischer Brauereien in Zurich and the Versuchsstation für das Gärungsgewerbe in Vienna, in addition to the central laboratory at the Schultheiss Brewery in Berlin and Stuttgarter Hofbräu as representatives from the German brewing industry.

In the founding year of MEBAK, Prof. Dr. F. Drawert, who had already led the DBAK before, was elected as the first chairman. His deputy became Dr. H.‑J. Wellhoener. Under this chairmanship, the MEBAK was transformed into a registered association with headquarters in Freising in 1981.

All chairmen and honorary chairmen of MEBAK can be found here.

Prof. Dr. F. Drawert (†)