Obituary Prof. Dr. Ludwig Narziß

With Prof. em. Dr. agr. Dr.-Ing. e.h. Ludwig Narziß, a great scientific and human role model has been lost. He was born in Munich in September 1925 as the son of a brewery director. He then decided to do an apprenticeship as a brewer at Tucher in Nuremberg, after which he studied brewing at the Technical University in Weihenstephan and then worked for several years as a scientific assistant and management consultant. In 1956, he wrote his doctoral thesis on the influence of yeast on the properties of beer and two years later joined Löwenbräu in Munich as the first brewmaster. In 1964, Ludwig Narziß was appointed to the Chair of Technology of Brewing I at Weihenstephan, where he researched and taught for almost 30 years, earning his worldwide reputation as the "Beer Pope." He finally became emeritus professor in 1992. Now, after a long, fulfilling life, Prof. Narziß has passed away at the age of 97.

But only when you start researching scientific publications, books, and conferences and memberships can you guess what treasure of knowledge he left behind for many generations of brewers. Anyone who met him in person and had a beer with him could see for themselves his clear mind into old age, his ability to listen, engage in dialogue, and always remain absolutely down-to-earth.

"For me, I will always remember what a fantastic memory he had. He could remember all the names of the many people he had the privilege of meeting in his long life. So could all the dates he included in his publications. Even after decades. And then linked all things together with this knowledge. We Weihenstephans did not google. We went "ludwigeln." And simply asked him. We always got a comprehensive and competent answer," says Dr. Martin Zarnkow, the 1st Chairman of MEBAK.

Even though Prof. Narziß was never a member of MEBAK himself, many members of MEBAK were personally very close to him and lose with him a friend, colleague and mentor. Ludwig Narziß set standards as a researcher and teacher that have always been incorporated into the work of MEBAK, and without his scientific milestones and pioneering achievements in brewing science, the MEBAK volumes would certainly not be as extensive and rich in knowledge as they are today. His treasure trove of knowledge will live on forever and its foundations will certainly continue to flow into the work of MEBAK for many years to come.

Prof. Dr. Ludwig Narziß