New member – Dipl.-Ing. Dario Cotterchio

Dario Cotterchio was born in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg, in 1982. He completed his degree in brewing and beverage technology at Weihenstephan in 2008.

Already at the beginning of his work at the Weihenstephan Research Center in 2009, he showed a special interest in the scientific link between beverage technology and food law. Since that time, he has worked as an operations consultant worldwide. In 2010 he was appointed deputy quality management officer, in 2015 department head of hygienic design, in 2016 he received the lectureship on legal aspects of manufacturing and distribution specifications in the beverage industry, and in 2018 the department expansion to include the area of certifications followed. In 2023, he took over the Hygienic Processing lecture.

In addition to the usual brewing technology operational consultations and the worldwide execution of acceptance tests, the validation of pasteurization systems is part of his area of expertise. He provides consulting services to the beverage industry from the initial product idea through filling to optimization of quality assurance.

He has already authored the MEBAK volume on microbreweries.

MEBAK members are pleased to have Datio Cotterchio as a new member of their expert panel.

Dario Cotterchio