Source: Brauwelt

6th Ludwig Narziß Award for Brewing Science 2020

The Ludwig Narziß Award for 2020 was awarded to Sandro Cocuzza, Alexander Stallforth, Frank Peifer, Dr. Martin Zarnkow and Prof. Fritz Jacob.

Their publication The impact of dry hopping on selected physical and chemical attributes of beer was chosen as the most influential publication appearing in BrewingScience in 2019.

They increased the quantities of hops used in dry hopping in a linear fashion to determine how and to what extent this affects the physico-chemical characteristics of beer. Furthermore, the effects were able to be traced to the introduction of the plant material as a result of dry hopping. Each addition of 100 g of hop pellets per hl affected the following attributes of the beer differently: hop bitterness, polyphenols, beer foam, pH value, turbidity, alcohol and extract content. This provides valuable information for brewers regarding the “side effects” of dry hopping which are not immediately evident in the aroma of the beer.

MEBAK applauds the researchers from Weihenstephan on their awards.