Former MEBAK Chairman Prof. Dr Fritz Jacob receives Max Eyth Silver Memorial Medal

In his laudation, Dr. Harms aptly described Prof. Dr Fritz Jacob's tireless and voluntary commitment to the DLG's technical and testing work as the "motor and lighthouse" of the German Agricultural Society (DLG). In his work for the DLG, this bore fruit in many initiatives and suggestions for innovations, which were always underpinned by his brilliant expertise and "contributed significantly to the positioning of the Agricultural Society's quality testing as one of the world's leading beer tests", said Dr. Harms.

At the end of May 2022, the former MEBAK Chairman and long-time Managing Director and Scientific Director of the Weihenstephan Research Centre for Brewing and Food Quality has now been awarded the prestigious Max Eyth Silver Medal for his extraordinary services.

Between 2009 and 2016, Prof. Dr. Jacob was Chairman of MEBAK and made a significant contribution to the completion of the MEBAK Guideline Brewhouse Control. In 2004, he became an authorised inspector of the DLG and, as a member of the committee, brought DIN 8777 (Brewhouse equipment in breweries - minimum specifications) up to today's standards. The MEBAK brewhouse inspection is an analytical and technical guideline, whereas DIN 8777 is intended for brewhouse inspections. By the way - the MEBAK guideline Brewhouse Control is of course available through the MEBAK book programme. At the Weihenstephan Science Centre, Prof. Dr. Jacob has also given lectures on international brewing methods and quality assurance in beer production. In addition, he supervised numerous student research projects and doctoral theses, thus promoting young talent in the brewing industry to a special degree.

MEBAK warmly congratulates Prof. Dr. Fritz Jacob on this dignified and highly deserved award and wishes him many more successful years!

DLG-Ehrung Prof. Dr. Fritz Jacob