New honorary member Dr. Elsbeth Jülich

Dr. Elsbeth Jülich was born in Nuremberg, Germany. After graduating from high school in 1973 from the Carl Benz Gymnasium in Ladenburg, she studied food chemistry at the University of Stuttgart and passed the first state exam for food chemists in 1979. This exam is required by the German state for food chemists to enter the profession. From 1979 to 1980, Jülich completed a year-long internship at the Landesuntersuchungsanstalt (state research institute) for chemistry in Sigmaringen. Afterwards, she graduated with the degree of state-certified food chemist.

Subsequently, she completed her doctorate at the Faculty of Brewing, Food Technology and Dairy Science at the Technical University of Munich under Professor F. Drawert. Her dissertation, which she finished in 1986, was entitled “Development of a gas chromatographic headspace method for the enrichment and identification of trace compounds, demonstrated by means of passionfruit and wort aromas”.

Jülich has worked at Döhler GmbH since 1984, and beginning in 1989, she assumed leadership of the company’s central laboratory in Darmstadt, which is responsible for performing special analyses for the Döhler Group.

In this role, she has been responsible for improving existing analytical methods and introducing new ones. She ushered in analyses for the determination of volatile substances, such as aroma and flavor compounds, by means of gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry as well as analyses for pesticides. Within this context, she established risk-based testing for raw materials. Jülich was also involved in the introduction and advancement of the SAP QM module at the Döhler Group. In addition, on January 1st 2011 she took charge of the laboratory “Analytical Services”, accredited to the DIN ISO 17025 standard, which performs microbiological and chemical-physical analyses for Döhler’s customers.

Starting in 1999, Jülich commenced work on the MEBAK volume Wort, Beer, Beer-based Beverages (Würze, Bier, Biermischgetränke), and due to her excellent contributions to our organization, she also became a full member of MEBAK® in 2002. Her well-deserved retirement began in November of 2019, but she continues to contribute to the MEBAK online platform, which is currently under construction.

We wish Dr. Elsbeth Jülich all the best in this new phase of her life and look forward to working with her in the future!