MEBAK met in a hybrid session in Gräfeling on 29 April

At the invitation of the Doemens Academy, namely Dr. Brandl and Dr. Gloßner, 18 members of the MEBAK and four guests met for the 98th meeting on 29 April 2022 in Gräfeling. There was a full agenda and after a pre-event meeting at Doemens Schalander on Thursday 28 April, the meeting could start on time.

The 1st Chairman, Dr. Martin Zarnkow, welcomed those present and the guests of honour who were present. He also welcomed the guests present. These were Dario Cotterchio from the Weihenstephan Research Centre for Brewing and Food Quality (BLQ), who has already supported MEBAK in the past in legal issues. Dr. Silvija Abakus from Doehler GmbH was already a guest at the last meeting. Both guests gave excellent guest lectures on pesticide analysis (Dr. Silvija Abakus) and food law issues (Dario Cotterchio). In an open vote, in the absence of the guests, the admission of the new members Dipl.-Ing. Dario Cotterchio and Dr. Silvija Abakuks was put to the vote. Both were unanimously accepted and warmly welcomed to MEBAK by the 1st and 2nd Chairmen. The portraits of the two new members will soon be available on the website.

In addition, Mr. Jell from the Erdinger Brewery was a guest, who would like to contribute to the revision of the packaging band. Mr. Michael Wöß from the Weyermann malting plant, where MEBAK has been a guest before, was also a guest.

Apart from the "usual" daily business such as the cash report, which Dr. Gerold Reil presented as usual in perfection, and the approval of the last minutes of the 97th meeting, Prof. Dr. Fritz Jacob was unanimously appointed honorary chairman due to his services to MEBAK. A portrait of Prof. Dr. Jacob and his services to MEBAK will be presented here under News shortly. Prof. Dr. Jacob expressed his thanks for the wonderful and productive time. The MEBAK is happy to return this thanks and would like to express its sincere gratitude for his tireless and energetic work. In this context, Dr. Zarnkow reported that Dr. Martina Gastl has succeeded Prof. Dr. Fritz Jacob at the Weihenstephan Research Centre for Brewing and Food Quality and, like her predecessor, stands behind MEBAK. Following this thought, dishes of the Friday evening were taken over by the BLQ. A big thank you for this and good luck in the new position wishes the MEBAK. Drinks were provided by the Paulaner Brewery, namely Dr. Lehmann, who was also warmly thanked by the 1st Chair.

Further contents and results of the meeting, such as the energetic commitment of the working groups and the associated revision of the methods, will be presented here shortly under News. At this point, however, we would like to refer to the MEBAK newsletter, which will be published three to four times a year. In addition to current events concerning MEBAK, the latest methodological revisions will always be presented there. Subscribe here to stay up to date.

Mitglieder der MEBAK in Gräfeling