90th Birthday of Dr. Tullio Zangrando

On February 18, 2023, Dr. Tullio Zangrando turned 90, and he can look back with pride on his impressive CV. In 1953, he graduated with honors as a brewing engineer in Weihenstephan. He then worked for a long time as Central Technical Director in the Italian brewing industry with the Moretti brewery group. During this time, the brewery in San Giorgio di Nogaro (Udine) was also established. He was a founding member of the Associazione Italiana dei Tecnici della Birra e del Malto (AITBM) - the Italian Association of Master Brewers and Maltsters, where he then served on the board of directors on an honorary basis for many years, including as editor-in-chief of "Birra & Malto" since 1975. During this time, he not only made numerous translations from the trade press for this magazine, many publications also originated from his pen. In 2011 he was a founding member of Slow Brewing - Das Brauen mit Zeit für Geschmack e.V. He was the first chairman of the board of Slow Brewing and was elected honorary chairman after leaving the board due to his merits. For the first time, with great support from him, a general meeting of VeW (Association of Former Weihenstephan Brewers) was organized in a non-German speaking language area, namely in Udine. Dr. Zangrando has been an active member of the VeW for over 65 years and always attends the regulars' tables of the VeW Obmannschaft Italien. Dr. Zangrando has also always been closely associated with the MEBAK, even though he has never been a regular member of the MEBAK.

The members of MEBAK e.V. wish Dr. Zangrando all the best for his 90th birthday!

Dr. Tullio Zangrando