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B-590.18.139 [2020-10] Glucose, Fructose and Sucrose – HPLC ENGLISH


Analysis of sugar in wort, beer and other beverages using HPLC

Scope of Application

This method is suitable for wort, beer and other beverages.


The procedure for this analysis is analogous to method B-590.12.134 Sugar – HPLC or B-590.13.134 Fermentable carbohydrates – HPLC. In method B-590.12.134 Sugar – HPLC, an evaporative light scattering detector (ELSD) can be employed for the detection in addition to the refractometer (RI detector). If the ELSD is employed for detecting the sugar, aside from the  the isocratic elution, a gradient program can also be used . If the analysis is carried out using method B-590.13.134 Fermentable Carbohydrates – HPLC, one must ensure that the sample does not contain any maltose, since maltose and sucrose coelute.