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The Mitteleuropäische Brautechnische Analysenkommision e.V. (MEBAK®) is represented by the governmental and private brewing technical institutes of Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Switzerland as well as the corresponding national brewing industry. The intended purpose of the association is to work out basic principles and proceedings for the analysis of raw materials, semi-finished goods, by-products and finished products, additives and technical supplies, containers and packaging means with the aim of standardization, primarily in the field of malthouse and brewery.

MEBAK® has published a collection of brewing technical analysis methods in five volumes, which have been sold around the world and which are used as teaching aids in various training schools and schools for advanced training for senior staff members in the brewing industry (e.g. Technical University of Munich-Weihenstephan, Doemens academy).

Further tasks are qualification tests of new laboratory equipment, suggesting research projects to universities and industry plus promoting the cooperation with other institutes, official and private laboratories (e.g. in the field of ring analysis) as well as with European and American technical-academic brewing umbrella organizations [European Brewery Convention (EBC), American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC), Association Latinoamericana de Fabricantes de Cerveza (ALAFACE)].

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